Golden Chaos

You didn’t want to get too near to her, she might have burned you.

But, the fire in that woman was irresistible. She was like a campfire in a gloomy, snowstorm.  Yet, that fire was too hot to be warmed by for longer than a moment.  And, after that moment passed, you would find yourself scorched so quickly, that you would have to retreat back into the snowstorm in order to cool yourself.

She came from a lowly background.  Her father was a KKK member, and a vicious alcoholic.  Her mother was a victim and an enabler.  Her sisters were peculiar, and she was the best – and the worst – of all of them.

How she ended up marrying a multimillionaire, no one knew.  And, no one really wanted to know.  She had a humble air about her wealth, and never discussed it with others.

Yet, she had a way of sharing a crust of bread, when you needed it most.  She gave you very little, but whatever she gave you – was cherished.

Mary entered the lives of desperate people, at their worst moments.  She picked them up off the floor, dressed their wounds, and sent them on their way.  She had no pride, and would even be found in the worst of environments, helping the most seemly of society.

Her heart was golden, as was her wealth.  But, the backside of her generosity had its price to whomever crossed her path.  She didn’t pat you on the back after she picked you up off the floor.  Rather, she kicked you in your softest spot which made you run, not walk, away from her.

Mary seemed incurably insane, yet held more wisdom than anyone I’ve ever known.  She quit high school before graduating, yet her intelligence went beyond comprehension. She was a scrapper, and would get into fist fights until she was in her 40’s, yet was a gentle lamb to anyone that needed her.

Mary didn’t want to work, or have to work, for most of her life.  When her divorce was finalized, she ended up becoming a nurse.  And, no better nurse could be found.  Mary rose in the ranks quickly.

Mary is now a registered nurse for the mentally insane, at an historic State Asylum.




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