Metaphysics: Fact and Fiction, and How To Tell the Difference



I have a natural, yet trained, sense of discernment.  During training, I was given mathematical equations.  Some were true, some were false.  Having no gift in math, as in facts and figures, I was asked to discern which equations were correct by using only my sense of discernment.

I was told to “feel” the results instead of trying to decipher them.

Meaning, attempt to look at the equations and be able to tell which was accurate, and which was not, by simply attempting to discern deceit and truth.

There’s a reason why I’m mentioning this.  Something that I may have mentioned before.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve mentioned the Holocaust several times lately.  Particularly that era in history.  I’m still trying to figure out this equation.

To be honest, which I am constantly, I have sensed very little truth in the documentation.  I know what truth feels like.

I haven’t found much of it, which is why I continue to read these accounts.

Truth feels holy, if you are aware of what holy feels like.  The word “holy” is the only way to describe truth, when you are in its presence.

Or, let me try to describe it as a Mystic.

Imagine standing at the end of a hallway.  The front door is open, and a breeze is coming towards you.  Deception feels like the hallway is cluttered with bits and pieces of furniture and papers fluttering.

Sometimes something touches you on its path.  Deception feels like spikes, cuts or a simple blockage of “air.”

Truth, feels like an uncluttered flow of air that comes directly from the doorway.  It is pure, uncluttered.  Nothing stings your eyes.


There are more ways I could describe these two opposing factors.  But, in the meantime, have someone give you two mathematical equations.  One has a correct result, one has an incorrect result.

See how they “feel” when you read them.  Don’t attempt to manipulate the numbers.  Just “feel” them.

Try to figure out which one is true, by the way they feel when you read them.

You may have a natural gift for this.  You may not.

Practice.  See what happens.


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