Parallel Universe: Same Place, Same Time, Different Reality


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Have you ever had a conversation with someone, who had certain views that day, then had completely opposite views the next time you meet them?

Have you ever listened to someone tell you the apparent facts behind their decision making, thinking to yourself that they are telling absolute, blatant lies?

Is it possible that you are changing lanes in time?

Meaning, a parallel universe.

This is a very complicated subject, and I’ll try to do my best to explain it.

For weeks at a time, for instance, my co-workers appear, and speak in a certain way.

Then, one day, they look different, and they act different – for a certain period of time.  They are the same people, but it seems like who they are today – is not the result of the same past that they had “last week.”

I stand there and wonder if they realize that they have changed so drastically.

Or, if I have.

Or, that I’ve veered to a different lane of reality.  Meaning, the “today” I am experiencing, is hardly even applicable to the “yesterday” that I had the day before.

A different reality.

The people are the same, but they have a different history, because I’m in a different “lane” of time.

This explains quite a bit to me.  It explains why people contradict themselves from time to time.

It explains the bizarre sensation I’ve had that “yesterday” belongs to a different “today.”

Does this make sense?

Does anyone else have the same viewpoint?



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