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I Chose This Voyage

I Chose This Voyage

I got up early this morning, and did something that I have never done – in my entire life.

I looked at music written for cello.

And, it seemed that in a sudden way, my brain re-configured itself.

I am in a New Land now.

A mental New Land.

I looked at different pieces of music, written for cello, and actually had an understanding of it.

My eyes started watering.

I did it.

I made it to the shore of an entirely new world for me.

There is no ample way of describing how that makes me feel.

I feel different.

In a beautiful way.

I understand something.

Something new.

I can’t recall feeling this way when I was a child – learning how to play the piano.

Times were difficult, during those days.

The Viet Nam war.

Social chaos.

I ran to music, and hid my head in it.

This time, is different.

I chose this voyage.

I am not a refuge of war.

I am not filled with emotional turmoil.

I am a traveler.

An adventurer.

And, now I am in


New World.