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And, I Smiled

Staircae Too High

I had to smile and give her thumbs up.

A body of a 91 year old woman was found locally, in the midst of 50 cats that she had rescued.

The people who found her, were aghast.

And, I smiled.

They have to clean up after her, and they’re a little bit annoyed by the situation.

“She probably spent most of her life, cleaning up after other people,” I thought.

And, smiled again.

After all, it was her house.  And, she somehow managed to keep her independence until the end.

And, 50 cats loved her and were grateful for her company.

She died, in the midst of those she loved.

And, the emergency workers have to clean up her messy house.

I had to chuckle.

Someone else will have to sell her house.

Clean it.

Dispose of her belongings.

“Good,” I thought.  “Let ’em.”

I admire this woman.  I’m probably the only person in this whole town – that does.

“You go, girl,” I thought.

And, smiled again.