A Queen…

I was thinking.

I do this, now and then.

Well, quite a bit, actually.

I am envious of the United Kingdom for one reason.

And, one reason only.

Well, maybe a few reasons.

But, whatever.

They have something that we need.

This country, I mean.

The United States.

They have someone to look up to.  Someone who exhibits class.

And decency.

At least, most of the time.

They have a Queen.

Someone who makes you feel like you should try to behave properly.

Not out of fear, necessarily.

But, simply because you want to.

Someone who gives you the desire to better yourself.

Show some respect.

We need someone like that.

Here, in the United States.

A Mother figure.

Someone with dignity.

Someone with grace.

We need.

A Queen…