Note To Self

“Just give me a chance,” I said to my husband.  “I want to live in the wild, and be free.  I think I could do it.”

“Think you could carry a pail of water from a well to the house?” he said.  “That’s what you might end up doing.”

“If that’s what it takes, I would,” I said.

“I want to live in the desert,” I said.  “Not in a neighborhood.  I want a view.  I want to know what it feels like to get up in the morning, look outside, and just see mountains.”

So, late last night, I walked into our kitchen.  The faucet was dripping.

We tried to fix it – and it broke.

Now, we have no water in the kitchen because we had to shut off the main valve to the sink.

I’m having to carry a “pail of water” from the water cooler to the sink – to rinse things off.


Nope, not in my life.

Note To Self: Never say “Just give me a chance…”