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More Than Once


More than once, in my lengthy career as a music teacher, I have encountered a repeating scenario.

I love the child.

The parent?

Not so much.

This usually develops into a type of secret club between the student and me.  Because, most of the time, the student doesn’t get along with the parent – either.  And, we become close.

A musical united front.

Against tyranny.

The most challenging element of this type of arrangement, is attempting to say nothing – when I would prefer to simply state the obvious:

“I don’t like you.”

Ah, but this is forbidden.  We, in our society, are not permitted to say these four, simple words.

“I don’t like you.”

We are told to tolerate.

Not judge.


Not avoid.

But, we are not allowed to utter the exact words which would most honestly express our feelings.

Such as, the common scenario whereas one asks the simple question of us, which we are not allowed to respond in a positive manner:

“Are you calling me a liar?”

Our obvious response, which lies hidden somewhere in our souls:

“Yes.  Actually, that is what I’m calling you.”

We’re not allowed to say that, either.  I’m not sure why we’re not allowed to point out the obvious, when it is so apparently clear to us.

“I don’t like you.”

Would it not be fair to be honest, in situations such as this?

“You are a liar.”

Is it not deceptive to leave this out of a conversation, where it applies?


They teach their children about fairies.

Men in red suits that enter homes without permission.

Winged creatures that steal teeth.

But, the truth is forbidden.

While, simple words that speak volumes, are left unspoken.

It is no wonder the human race falters…