At That Time

Long ago, and far, far away.

Well, not that far, actually.  About twenty miles from here.

My ex-husband and I were caretakers on a country estate.  He helped repair fences, and I served as a companion to a former world-class pianist.  Her son hired us, but her grandson took a special interest in us – for some unknown reason.

We lived in the guest house, right next to the main house.  And, one day, he knocked on our door – without calling first.

This always annoys me, but he was the grandson and there wasn’t much I could say about it.

He had a friend with him.  A nice woman, who gave us strange looks.

As it turned out, she claimed to be a “psychic” and wanted to do a “reading” on me – specifically.

At that time, I didn’t know anything about psychics, readings, or any such nonsense.  I was respectful, but really wished they would leave.

She told me that I was a Nun, in a former life.  And, I ran an orphanage in Italy.  And, that I had constant issues with the landowner next door.

“Sure,” I thought.  “Interesting.  Please leave.”


A decade later, I took vows to be a Third Order Nun.  That’s a long story, but the Nun part is an interesting coincidence.

Then, another decade later, I end up owning a home that used to be an orphanage.

Five years after owning this home, I end up in a major land dispute with the owners of the property next door – owned by the State of Virginia.

It got so bad, that the Governor showed up, in his limousine, just to watch the action from a safe distance.

I was being a force to be reckoned with, and he knew he better not get out of the car without running the risk of being publicly disciplined.

All in all, this little series of coincidences came into my head the other day.  I’ve been working on my living room, and thought I’d take a break to write it all down.

Hope you’re having a great weekend, pictures coming soon.