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Yes, Ma’am


(Author’s Note: This update is related to a previous article found here.)


It happened again.

I was buying a pack of gum at a local convenience store.  As I walked away from the cash register, I noticed that I was given too much change.

The clerk?

She was offended that I returned the money to her.

But, that’s not the worst part.

I went to my client’s house immediately afterwards.  The mother wasn’t home, yet.  So, the child and I had a nice conversation before she arrived.

“You know what karma is, right?” I told the child.

“Yes, Ma’am!” she said.

“Never, ever keep the money when someone gives you too much change.  Or, if they undercharge you.  You’ll pay double karma, in return,” I said.

She agreed.  Smart child, she knew exactly what karma was, and how it works.

When the mother came home, I told her about all my experiences of receiving too much change, and being undercharged at a numerous amount of stores – in the last few weeks.  I really thought her response would be akin to my own, since her profession surrounds profit and loss.

That is not what happened.

“You’re being blessed!” she said, when I told her that I was undercharged almost 100.00 at a local hardware store.

I paused for a split second.  Her daughter’s face fell, as she listened to her mother imply that she would have kept the money.

“No,” I said.  “Karma.  I haven’t kept any of the money that…”

I looked at the daughter.  She was staring at her mother, in disbelief, hoping she was joking.

I explained karma to the mother.

She didn’t hear my words.

Receiving money through illicit means, is not a blessing. 

It is stealing.

The karmic payback for stealing

Is double the amount you stole.