That’s Not How Life Is…

Me: I’m going to make spaghetti today.

Husband: Great!

Me: I’m going to make those little meatballs with it.

Husband: With meat sauce?

Me: No.  Just meatballs.

Husband: Oh.

Me: You don’t get meatballs AND meat sauce.  Nobody does that.  That’s not how life is.


Isn’t that true.  You either get meatballs…or meat sauce.

Not both.

At least, not in my world.  Everything is a trade-off. I either get a job that pays very well, or I am happy with my job.

Not both.

In my particular industry, I’m probably one of the highest paid in the entire state.  But, in order to get that pay, I have to jump thru mile-high hoops, bruising my shins, scraping my spirit, and hopefully landing without twisting my ankles.

If I want smooth sailing, I could change my venue.  But, I would make considerably less money.  Which, in effect, would almost eliminate me from my industry.


“You can’t have everything,” I’ve said.  “You can have a lot – but not everything.”


We all make them on this Planet called Earth.


You don’t get meatballs AND meat sauce.

Not together.

That’s not how life is…