The Magician’s Mother

“Oh, no,” I thought, as his eyes shot a dart into my soul, along with the lie he just told me. The child just made a very bad move, and he knew it.  But, he tried to play it off as a joke.

It didn’t work.

I’ve known him for half of his life.   I knew him before he learned Magic, and when he swore he had given it up.  He had quit several years ago.  He realized he was good at it.

Too good.

He became a Christian, and swore off Magic as being “evil manipulation” – as he was told by his Minister.  It only lasted a year, or so.

Then, returned to Magic.  After all, it was only for entertainment, he said.  He quit the church and learned more tricks than ever before.

Then, Magic began to bleed into his personality.  Along with convincing an onlooker that the Rabbit did, indeed, come from his hat – he learned to deceive those around him, without a second thought.  He knows how to confuse.



And, his Mother sits in the next room, while I listen to her son’s lies.

And, as I sit there, I see her future – and pity her…