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Do Yourself a Favor Today|July 4th, 2014

I have a friend who lives in London.  Every July 4th, we banter about America ridding themselves of bullies.

Meaning, England.

We all have bullies.  Some do us good.  They cause us to rise beyond our own expectations.  We secretly hate our bullies, that make us believe in ourselves, but we secretly thank them – as well.

But, there are the other kinds of bullies.  Those who take from us, and make us feel small.

They enjoy our pain.  They watch our suffering with a type of perverted glee.

They taunt us, and nip at our heels like cockroaches – with teeth.

Today is your day.

Declare your freedom from your own, personal bully.  It may be a parent.

It may be a friend.

A memory.

A neighbor.

Decide, today, that you are finished with this relationship that brings nothing but frustration.

Today, it is over.

Have your own personal revolution.

Walk away.

And pay the price for having done so.  It is small, compared to the price for remaining.

Do yourself a favor today.

Pitch the bully, and move on…



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